Travel Management

We will make it simpler more automated and less expensive. We at WT&T not only manage travel bookings but give creative solutions adding proactiveness and real value to it. Accountability and transparency are paramount.

Travel Management Consulting

Looking for a Consulting or a Travel Desk set up for the organisation we provide consultative strategies for safety, supplier negotiations, and innovative solutions to reduce costs without sacrificing service. Travel managers have evolved into strategic procurement and finance professionals, and work in collaboration with risk departments and data security.

Meetings & Events

Board Meetings & big events of an organisation plays a very crucial role in the business that is why we take extra care. We offer you a familiar, exclusive and cozy atmosphere in which the cooperation possibilities can be discussed and worked out in more detail. In order to give decision-makers with a long distance the opportunity to participate, WT&T Hospitalities always works together with a local cooperation partner. This works on the following days Site Inspections and sightseeing trips to ensure every basic thing is being done in detail. We put you one to one with service providers such as hotels, convention & business centers etc. and gave you the chance to get to know each other in direct contact, in order to connect suppliers and location seekers in an uncomplicated way.